Canon EOS C700 GS PL 4K Super 35mm equivalent CMOS Sensor Camera

Canon EOS C700 GS PL 4K Super 35mm equivalent CMOS Sensor Camera

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Canon EOS C700 GS PL HDR support for a whole different level of content creation

The flagship model of the Cinema EOS System lineup, the EOS C700 GS PL features a PL mount that enables users to utilize a vast number of PL lenses available in the market. High quality footage can be taken with the Super 35mm equivalent CMOS sensor at 4K 50p / 60p. With the Triple DIGIC DV 5 image processing platform, footage with a wide dynamic range of up to 14 stops can be recorded.
Slow & Fast Motion recording is supported from 1 fps onwards, which when equipped with the CDX-36150 recorder developed by Codex, RAW format recording at 4K 100p / 120p is possible. The camera also supports recording in Apple ProRes format
Equipped with Canon Log Gammas and ST 2084 to Support next Generation HDR Content Creation
Support for new generation HDR content creation is evident with the features of the EOS C700. Besides the original Canon Log format, the camera is also equipped with Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3 which when employed in grading fully utilizes the wide dynamic range of up to 14 stops.
The Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE) ST 2084 standards for monitoring are also supported, and HDR images may be confirmed on compatible display screens such as the DP-V2420 as well as Electronic Viewfinder EVF-V70, sold separately.
Equipped with Global Shutter
EOS C700 GS PL features a global shutter, which captures an image by activating all of the pixels simultaneously to register light information that falls on the CMOS sensor to produce distortion-free images. This, together with the ability to record Slow & Fast Motion at in cropped mode up to 200p / 240p in Full HD, enabling creative expression in the form of beautiful crisp motion inherent in traditional film medium.


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