Clear-Com AB-120 On-Air Announcer Console

Clear-Com AB-120 On-Air Announcer Console

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Clear-Com AB-120 The Ultimate On-Air Announcer Console for Broadcast Studios and Live Productions

The AB-120 Announcer Console is a compact desktop unit designed specifically for sports, live-event broadcasting, and voice-over work. The AB-120 integrates all the inputs, outputs, and controls necessary at the announce position, including intercom, IFB, and a silent “Mic Mute” button that provides noise-free “Cough” and “Mic on/off” switching

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  • Broadcast quality mic preamp with Jensen™ output transfer
  • Talent talk-back circuit automatically mutes mic output to air
  • Silent mic mute button for cough and mic on/off functions
  • Easily adapts for use with any mic or headset
  • Quick and simple set up using standard XLR mic cable
  • Wide range, high-output headphone amplifier
  • Binaural headset output allows talent to hear stereo program, IFB and/or intercom
  • IFB input accepts either unbalanced program or powered IFB
  • Interfaces with intercom and IFB systems
  • Powered by the intercom line, IFB line or external DC source


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