Clear-Com IF4W4 4-Channel Camera Interface Rack Mount

Clear-Com IF4W4 4-Channel Camera Interface Rack Mount

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Clear-Com IF4W4 Camera Interface

Clear-Com IF4W4 4-Channel 3- or 4-Wire Camera Interface Rack Mount (1RU), provides 4 discrete Clear-Com to 3- or 4-wire interface circuits. Four-channel interface connects Clear-Com to TV cameras, two-way radios, satellite links, and other communications devices through either their headset jacks or 4-wire circuits. Clear-Com IF4W4 has selective partyline capability. Features individual transmit, receive, and null controls, as well as transmit level indicators. Switchable mic or line-level output for compatibility. The built-in test jack and test tone provide quick nulling.


  • Interfaces TV cameras, 2-way radios, fiber circuits, and other 4-wire devices to Clear-Com partyline
  • Individual Transmit Receive and Null controls
  • Transmit output switchable between mic and line level
  • Built-in test jack and oscillator for quick nulling
  • Selective partyline capability
  • Accepts balanced or unbalanced 4-wire input
  • Transformer isolated
  • Terminal block and XLR connectors for each interface
  • Powered by the intercom line


Program Line Input Input Impedance: >= 1KΩ
Party-line Output Output Impedance: >10KΩ
Stage Announce/Balanced Line Out Type: Balanced
Output Impedance: >= 80Ω
Load Impedance: >= 600Ω
Frequency Response Program Input – Party-line: 200 – 18KHz ± 3dB
Party-line – Line Out: 200 – 18KHz ± 3dB
Max Distortion Program Input – Party-line: <= 0.2%
Party-line – Line Out: <= 0.5%
Noise Program Input – Party-line: < -85dBu
Party-line – Line Out: < -60dBu
Max Gain Program Input – Party-line: >= -16dB
Party-line – Line Out: >= 24dB
Min Gain Program Input – Party-line: <= -20dB
Party-line – Line Out: <= -45dB
Line Out LED Threshold Green: -7dBu ± 2dB
Red: 5dBu ± 2dB
Party-line LED Threshold Green: -10dBu ± 2dB
Red: 0dBu ± 2dB
Power Input Voltage Range: 20-30 VDC
Input Current (Idle): <= 40mA
Input Current (Max): <= 50mA
Rear Panel Connectors Intercom: (4) XLR-3F (1 per channel)
4-Wire Terminal Block Connectors: (4) Connectors (1 per channel)
4-Wire Transmit Level Switches: (4) Switches (1 per channel)
Front Panel Connectors Headset: (1) XLR-4M
TS1 Earphone: (1) 3.5mm Jack Socket
Front Panel Controls & Indicators Green Level LED: (4) LEDs (1 per channel)
Red Level LED: (4) LEDs (1 per channel)
Link LED: (4) LEDs (1 per channel)
Power LED: (4) LEDs (1 per channel)
Null Test Button: (4) Buttons (1 per channel)
Receive Level Adjust: (4) In controls (1 per channel)
Transmit Level Adjust: (4) Out controls (1 per channel)
Nulling Adjust: (12) Null controls (3 per channel)
Channel Link Switch: (3) Link switches (A B, A C, A D)
Environmental 32 – 122°F (0 – 50°C)
Dimensions 19 in. W x 1.75 in. H x 7.75 in. D
(483 mm x 44.5 mm x 197 mm)
Weight 5.83 lbs. (2.65 Kg)


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