Portable Handheld and Battery operated Smoke B or Fog Machine for Videography and Photography

Portable Handheld and Battery operated Smoke B or Fog Machine for Videography and Photography

Smoke B is a hand-held smoke machine, a device that makes shooting video instantly a “movie” and can be hand-held and portable to produce smoke, Fog, and Mist effects.

1. Product Description for  Handheld Smoke Machine, Model Smoke B
Fog Machine Smoke BThe Smoke B handheld smoke machine is a portable, hand-held, smoke-controllable device that is easy to carry outdoors to produce smoke effects. It is usually used in photography, film and television production, stage performances, and various other activities to increase visual effects and atmosphere. The easy-to-operate function is a good helper for photographers to shoot videos and produce large movies, and users can create high-quality film-level haze. It can be used in different smoke scenes, such as dry ice. It has no peculiar smell, is safe and environmentally friendly, and has a longer condensation time than ordinary smoke. It can be used with the Smoke B accessory to spray different shapes of smoke. Users can precisely design the smoke effect according to their needs. Here are some common Smoke B handheld fog machine features:
Portable design:
The design is small and easy to operate, light, and handheld, has no sense of bulk or weight, and is easy to carry. It is suitable for outdoor mobile shooting and has a wide range of application values. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on/off, double-click to turn on the smoke, and single-click to turn off the smoke, making it easy for inexperienced users. It is easy to use without professional knowledge.
Smoke Output:
The continuous use time is 18 minutes. After 3 minutes of continuous work, stop spraying for 2 seconds, which can generate a large amount of smoke, that can cover an area of about 20 cubic meters in 1 minute, ensuring a shocking visual effect and enhancing the attractiveness of the scene’s atmosphere.
Remote Control:
Combined with the Smoke B handheld fog machine remote control, multiple smoke machines can be hidden and arranged at the shooting site, covering a large area of the shooting range. The infrared remote control can remotely control the smoke machine to turn on/off the smoke with one button, and the operating range is 5–10 meters.
Machine fog liquid safety and environmental protection:
Machine mist liquid composition: VG (vegetable glycerin) + PG (propylene glycol), is more environmentally friendly and safe, with no odor during use. Non-toxic and harmless ingredients, will not affect your health, you can use it with confidence, but remember not to inhale the smoke directly! While our ingredients are safe, it is not suitable for direct smoking, and the high temperature may cause burns.
A 12ML X6 bottle of machine fog liquid is included, which can ensure that the machine fog liquid will not be insufficient when the device needs to be used for a long time.
Battery powered:
It is powered by a 5C-certified 2550 mAh lithium battery, and the charging time is about 3 hours. You need to use a 5V2A charger to charge the machine. Some versions cannot support dual C-port (PD) charging, and you need to use the standard charging cable for charging. The indicator light is on when charging. The red light is always on, and the green light is always on when fully charged.
2. Precautions for useSmoke OilFor the safety of transportation, only about 20% of the power is delivered. Before using it for the first time, you need to use the charging cable that comes with the package to charge Smoke B.
Fill up the machine’s fog liquid before use. Remember not to dry-burn the machine without the fog liquid. After the first use of the oil tank to fill up the fog liquid, you need to wait 5 minutes before starting to use it.
When the machine continuously produces smoke, the temperature of the fuselage and oil tank will be high, which is a normal phenomenon. Remember not to touch it directly with your hands. Oil tank, To prevent burns, please install the magnetic heat insulation cover when using it. When you feel the fuselage is very hot, you can turn off the Smoke B. Pause the work for a few minutes, and then use it again, You can improve the heating condition of the fuselage.
When the oil tank continuously produces smoke, try to ensure that the machine fog liquid is not too low, so that the oil tank will be more durable. If the machine fog liquid is too low, the temperature of the oil tank will rise rapidly. Keep observing the oil tank during use and find out if The fog liquid is below the scale. Get into the habit of immediately adding the machine fog liquid.
Remember to turn it off after use, and keep it upright as much as possible without turning it upside down.
3. Applicable scenarios and people – Tell your story and highlight it in the best way
It is widely used in short video shooting, portrait/food/product photography, film and television smoke effects, various wedding shoots, travel photography, and other creative photography. for added visuals and atmosphere. Whether you are a professional film and television video creator, photographer, VLOG blogger, or photography beginner, you can easily use it, Smoke B hand-held smoke machine is a good choice.
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Portable Handheld and battery-operated Smoke or Fog Machine

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