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Thank you for visiting Expandore's Website. We would like to take this opportunity to widen our services internationally. Please feel free to browse around our bargain products section and don't hesistate to send us a sales enquiry form. We'll be most glad to service you !
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Azden SGM-1000/1100 Super Cardioid Microphone
Phantom-Powered Shotgun Microphone
View Details


BeachTek DXA-4 Camcorder XLR Adapters
Professional audio adapter for Sony VX series & FX1 camcorders
View Details
BeachTek DXA-6A Phantom Adapter
Two-channel, transformer balanced XLR adapter with built-in 48 volt phantom power supplies
View Details


Canopus FireCoder
Create Portable and DVD-ready Video
  View Details


Century 0VS-FE3X-HDS
Pro DV Series .3X Ultra Fisheye Adapter
View Details


Glidecam Camcrane 200
Professional Camera Stabilizers
View Details
Glidecam L7-PRO Monitor
Daylight viewable, 16:9 / 4:3 switchable active matrix,
LCD monitor
View Details
Glidecam L4-PRO Lithium-Ion Battery Kit
Rechargeable Battery Pack with plug-in charger
View Details
Glidecam Vista Head
Full 360 degree pan & tilt, Comes with Control Box
View Details


JVC KA-551U Tripod base V-mount Adapter
Designed for JVC ProHD :
GY-HD200 , GY-HD111, GY-HD100 and GY-HD101
View Details


Miller Solo DV 3-Stage 75mm Carbon Fibre Tripod(2001)
Versatile Tripod
View Details
Miller Solo Pod(311)
Lightweight quality monopod for Professional DV shooter
View Details
Miller QR Adapter Plate(313)
Quick Release plate for adapting Miler Accessories
  View Details
Miller Hi-Hat(466)
Suits 100mm ball leveling heads, Achieving ultra low shot angles
  View Details
Miller DS20(848)
2-Stage Alloy System(Ground Spreader)
  View Details


Panasonic AJ-YA455P
Component Digital Serial Interface Board
  View Details
Panasonic AW-E300AE
Multi Purpose Convertible Camera
View Details


Sennheiser CC-510
Telecom Headset
  View Details
Sennheiser CC-550
Telecom Headset
View Details
Sennheiser EW 112 G2
Wireless Microphone System-100 series
View Details


Sony BKAW-560
HD Video Interface Module Digital Switcher
View Details
Sony BKAW-580
HD SDI Module Digital Switcher
  View Details
Sony BKM-129X Analog Component Input Adaptor
Video Monitor Accessories
  View Details
Sony MB-529 Mounting Bracket
Mounting bracket for:
LMD-2050W and LMD-2030W
  View Details
Sony PMW 350 XDCAM HD Camcorder
A Shoulder Mount Full-HD & SD* Camcorder with SxS PRO Solid State Recording, 2/3-inch sensors
View Details
Sony PDW-F350L XDCAM HD Camcorder
1/2-inch type SuperHAD
™ CCDs with 1.5 megapixel resolution
  View Details
Sony PDW-F355 XDCAM HD Camcorder
View Details
Sony DSR-1600 Editing Player
DVCAM VTRs Editing Player
View Details
Sony UWP-V2 Wireless System
Handheld Mic TX and Portable RX Wireless System
View Details
Sony VCL-HG0758 Wide Angle Lens
58mm High Grade 0.7X Wide Angle Lens
Can be used with:
PD150,DP170 and PSR250
  View Details
Sony VCL-HG0862K Wide Conversion Lens
0.8X Wide Conversion Lens
  View Details


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